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Nest Smoke Alarm

Product Recommendation: Nest Smoke Alarm

Fire safety made cool.

Nest is one of those products that has taken an overlooked boring household device and not only improved it, but made it sought after. I’ve installed 4 Nest smoke alarms and think they are a huge improvement over the typical detector.

First, as a safety device, they not only detect smoke, they also warn of elevated carbon monoxide levels. The warnings come as traditional audible alarms plus LED lighting on the device and alerts on your smart phone through the Nest app. A built in LED nightlight feature is a nice touch in halls as it catches motion early with a wide field of view and is great for our young son in the middle of the night when he runs to the washroom in a normally dark hall.

The devices also warn you of light smoke detected from cooking giving you time to remotely dismiss the alert before it launches into the screaming warning that we have all experienced that lead us to grab a magazine or towel and fan the air in front of the detector wildly trying to stop the squealing.

Connecting to your wifi network is straightforward and mounting the device is no more complicated then any other detector I have installed. This isn’t a budget device and traditional detectors are a fraction of the cost but this two-in-one unit is great for safety, nails the convenience features and looks great on top of it all.

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