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Smart Thermostat Automation

Mysa smart home thermostat

Today we look at the Mysa smart home thermostat.

This wifi connected device allows home owners to have online control over electric baseboards and / or fan forced convection heating systems in the home. The devices or devices in your home can be triggered through the Mysa app on your smart phone and through Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant.

You are also able to program your daily schedule and tailor weekends or days off to match your family’s schedules. For example, perhaps Friday and Saturday nights, your heating is kept a higher, later in the evening then when you are in bed early during the work week. There is also a Vacation Mode that will drop your heat to a maintenance level (10 degrees for example) while you are away when heating isn’t necessary for the comfort of family and pets but is required to keep moisture levels from creeping up and effecting things in your home like hardwood floors.

If you like to escape our colder weather for a vacation and don’t care for the return to a cold house after touching down at the airport at midnight, you can set the return time in advance of your trip to have your preferred level of comfort when you come in the door. You can also set alerts for both high and low readings in the house for temperature and humidity. The next feature within the app provides energy consumption / spending and temperature graphs… a heating budget report if you will.

If all that doesn’t seem that important to you, then at the very least, the device itself is far more sexy than the single dial control on most walls for baseboard heating.

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