Homeseller’s Experience

My name is Gurinder, my wife and I had sought in December to sell a house in New Westminster. On the first initial meet with Todd I was very impressed at how professional he was, how organized he was, and he showed how many houses he had sold. He is one of the top realtors in New Westminster and the surrounding areas.

I chose to go with Todd and I’m very happy with the service I received. Not only did he sell our house but he sold it for $13,000 more than the house next door which is exactly the same square footage and in less than half the time.

I’m really happy with the service that Todd provided, he always keeps you up date, his advice is very good, and I had no hesitation in listening to him going forward. He is a very professional individual and I will be using him in the future to purchase a property. I’ve already recommended friends and family to him, he is a real good realtor and he has his customers best intentions at heart, and that’s what I found very decent about Todd. The level of service is fantastic and he’s a great guy, if you’re looking to sell or buy a house in New Westminster or any surrounding areas I would totally recommend Todd.

He has become a good friend as well, I liked him a lot, he’s what he said he delivered, the honest part was fantastic, he’s a good realtor as well and he knows the business very well. He knows how to sell your house or get you the price that you’re looking for in a house. So I would totally recommend; listen to Todd and he will get your house sold, or he will get your house bought.