Vancouver Home Sold

Hi, my name is Damon Webb, and Todd was recommended to us from our old neighbour and friend who sold their place two houses down and they had nothing but good things to say about Todd. And once my wife and I met Todd we would agree, we knew right away when we met him, he was the guy. He was real informative, he knew his business, he was laid back and down to earth and we just got a real good feeling when we first met him.

From the beginning he did a real great job with laying out the house with the camera guys, square footage and laser detailers, was really good. And just the way he laid out our house on his website, it was really professional, he had the 360 degree kitchen and living room and he really showed off the aspects of the house we wanted to show off when we were selling it. He staged a couple open houses for us, at the end of the open houses he would tell us how many people would come through and he would give us the general feeling and feedback from the potential buyers, which was really good because you want to get that feedback and you want to know what’s happening with these people when they’re walking through your house.

Our house was a bit of a unique place, we didn’t have a suite in the basement and we didn’t have an alley in the back for a lane house which are what most people in Vancouver are looking for, and we don’t have our own parking out front. So, off the bat we knew looking for the right buyer, it was going to take a unique buyer to take our place. And Todd kept reinforcing that you know, the right buyer is going to come along. There was no stress, we went with it and eventually we did get the right buyer and we got a good price and the whole offer process went really smooth and Todd had some real good tips on how to handle that and his feedback and advice on what he would do if he was in our position, but at the same time not being pushy not making us feel like he wanted this sell, or we needed to make this sell. It was just a real good experience, and he would always give us lots of advance when there’s potential buyers going to come and see the house with their realtors, and then he would give us the feedback in the next day or so on what they were thinking when they came through our place which was really good. And if you ever had a question you could ask him and within minutes he would text you right back, he was real informative and a real professional. I would recommend him to any one of my friends or family, he was a real, real good experience.